Iris Nesher: Open Studio

Iris Nesher (b. 1966 Milan, Italy) Lives and works in Tel-Aviv, Israel

Studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York and at California Art Institue.

In the series “Enterence”, Nesher, one of Israeli’s leading art photographers, and Yoram Kaniuk, a celebrated, award-winning novelist, embarked on a fascinating journey together. This unusual artistic collaboration produced a spectacularly original exhibition.
Kaniuk, 82, was trying desperately to write one last novel but couldn’t begin. Slowed down by age and illness, Kaniuk resorted to a very innovative, though highly unusual, exercise in creativity: He recruited Nesher, the acclaimed photographer, to shoot covers for the unwritten book, hoping that the photo-shoots would lift his writing block, jar his memory, and serve as a source of inspiration.
In a surprising turn of events, Kaniuk (who started out as a painter) became less and less interested in “the last novel” and more and more fascinated by the visual excursion into his psyche.
Kaniuk died 6 months later.

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