Keren Anavi: Open Studio

Anavy’s works attempts to walk the border between political art and escapism, and wish to suggest a space between them. This is the space in which the viewer can confront the actual political questions side by side with esthetic-art questions that have to do with the history of Art. The images she concerned with are familiar, fretted and yet charged. They are usually composed from a model with an inherent regularity and pattern, Such as: kefiya, tiger, diamond, as well as eastern and western architecture elements, and local nature. Anavy transform and deform these models, create new images that recall a little of their former selves. She wish to reach the point where these images become a universal form, lose their political and social context and turn into a visual experience. In this process she examines the relations between nature and culture, and the disruptions created as a result of this encounter.

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