Enrico Robusti | Martin Roth | Anisa Ashkar| Maia Zer | Alma Itzhaky | Yael Caffrey | Gregori Larin | Iddo Markus | Tali Navon | Elad Kofler | Ruven Kuperman | Ania Krupiakov 

Pop-Up, literally referring to what appears, jumps out and presents itself for a short period of time: outlining Pinzeta’s modes of action. Pop Up Pinzeta is a short sale exhibition,which will emerge in a central location and will invite the audience to also attend in  intriguing events.

 In correlation with Pinzeta’s attempts to create points of encounters between the art arena and wider audiences, co-founders Yael Braun and Keren Kfir Alon created a vibrant framework for the exhibition: alongside established and young Israeli artists, new works by internationa artists Martin Roth (NY) and Enrico Robusti (Italy) will also be on view. Robusti also represented Italy in the last Venice Biennial, 2012. 


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