Tali Navon: Studio Visit

(b. 1965, lives and works in Tel Aviv)

Tali Navon’s visual language is characterised by local themes based on her life in Tel Aviv so that her work appears anthropological in nature. Her work also explores universal themes. Major themes in her work include: autobiographical issues, Tel Aviv and Israeli history and contemporary culture, urbanism, collective memory, identity, femininity, motherhood and the fragility and innocence of childhood. This sense of fragility is common to all her works.

Navon’s work presents an intensive dialogue with her locality and explores the everyday, focusing on ordinary routine human interactions, including examining her existence in a complicated world which at times appears to her threatening. Navon continually explores and re-explores the essence of life in Tel Aviv, using autobiographical episodes and her life experiences as a woman and an artist. In examining the characteristics of urban life in the dynamic city of Tel Aviv she also encourages us to reflect on life in other big cities. Navon incorporates elements of drawing into her minimalist paintings (that are often indistinguishable from drawings), focusing on a limited number of human figures in mostly abstract environments. Using a few major colours, her palette is conservative but is highly expressive.

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