Uri Katzenstein: backyard Valley

  Uri Katzenstein / BACKYARD 

Recipient of the Dan Sandel and Sandel Family Foundation Sculpture Award, 2014 April 18 – August 18, 2015Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Sculpture Gallery, Main Building;
Helen J. Haft & J. David Haft Hall (upper level), Main Building
Curator: Varda Steinlauf

A solo exhibition of works by the artist Uri Katzenstein — a sculptor, performance artist, performer, filmmaker, and musician who performs his own pieces and builds musical instruments and sound machines. His works, which are rich with unconventional techniques, give expression to an imaginary, metaphorical world that revolves around the human body and hybrid-looking objects. Triggering various psychological effects, they undermine basic assumptions about human functioning and our understanding of the surrounding world.

The exhibition presents a comprehensive overview of Katzenstein’s wide-ranging oeuvre from the 1980s to the present. It is structured around four sections – sculpture, video art, sound and robotics, and key early works. Each section examines a different aspect of his multidisciplinary work in a range of mediums: sculpture; video art; sound and robotics; and early key works.

The exhibition title – “BACKYARD” — alludes to things that remain invisible to the eye, behind the scenes. A back yard is a place where thoughts, experiments, and failures accumulate, free of the order that typically dominates the front yard. This title also dialogues with the medium of architecture and with previous works by Katzenstein, while mediating between past and future by means of temporal disruptions. The viewer is asked to interpret various codes with the help of different elements, which point to the hidden meanings of the enigmas he is presented with.

Uri Katzenstein (b. in Tel Aviv, 1951) studied in the United States, where he became active as an artist in San Francisco and New York. In 1985 he returned to Israel, and has since been working in Tel Aviv and teaching at the University of Haifa.  His works have been exhibited at the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg; Chelsea Art Museum; Kunsthalle Dusseldorf; The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; The São Paolo Biennale (1991); The Venice Biennale (2001); The International Art Biennial of Buenos Aires (First Prize, 2002); and the Istanbul Biennial (2005). His work has been featured in numerous galleries and theaters in London, Berlin, San Francisco, Cardiff, Spain, New York, and Tel Aviv.

The exhibition catalogue was published with the support of the Dan Sandel and Sandel Family Foundation Sculpture Award

The exhibition is supported by the Yona Ettinger – Howard Gilman


Fund for Acquisition of Art; OUTSET; University of Haifa

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